Wood treatment

100% guaranteed results

Wood is an excellent material for any use, from complex elements involved in the safety of people, such as building infrastructures, to wooden elements with other uses such as fences, posts, benches or house carpentry.

In all cases, wood behaves properly, but its durability is linked to its location and to the degrading agents that can alter its properties or destroy it on many occasions.

How do we act?

We are specialists in the elimination of the different xylophages that attack or degrade the wood.

Both for insects with a larval cycle (woodworm in general) and fungi (rotting or chromogenic).

As in the elimination of social insects (termites) by treating colonies that affect buildings through interception. Using bait systems, we eliminate them completely at source. These are innovative technologies and products of proven efficacy and harmless to humans.

We have a highly qualified technical team that allows us to guarantee the efficiency and professionalism of our work. Also in all those fields that affect the health and integrity of the wood.

At APLIDÉS we respect the environment and we do not use techniques or insecticides that produce harmful effects on people or our environment. We certify and guarantee the total elimination of treated xylophagous agents.

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