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Disinsectisation is understood to be the set of actions aimed at controlling populations of insects and other harmful arthropods (ants, cockroaches, etc.) such as arachnids (mites, spiders), diptera (mosquitoes), myriopods (centipedes or millipedes) and crustaceans (damp mealybugs) below the levels required by public health and social welfare.

Preventive actions should be considered as a fundamental part of insect control activities, based on environmental management, so that environmental conditions are unfavourable to the presence and proliferation of harmful populations of undesirable insects and mites in the surrounding environment.

How do we act?

We carry out a diagnosis of the problem in order to assess the possible causes of infestation, rigorously planning the comprehensive control of the problem, before applying the different methods and techniques for controlling pest species with a direct or indirect impact on human health.

We adapt to each situation by assessing fundamental aspects such as the most susceptible moment in their life cycle, development, characteristics of the environment where they live, etc.

At APLIDÉS we base our work on current technical criteria, supported by scientific knowledge about the behaviour of species, their phenology and ecology for a more lasting and harmless control for people and the environment, ensuring that we can offer a service of the highest quality.

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