Disinfection COVID-19

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This new Covid-19 coronavirus is transmitted from person to person by respiratory secretions, droplets and aerosols, which are generated by coughing, sneezing, breathing or speaking. The virus can also be deposited on the surfaces of any object and in the spaces we inhabit.

According to various studies carried out to date, coronaviruses can persist for up to several days in the environment around us. And not just any disinfection technique, nor do all disinfectants have an effect against coronaviruses.

Since the appearance of the virus, some people have offered treatments that have not demonstrated any effect against Covid 19, putting the health of users at risk and creating a false sense of security. Methods such as the application of ozone, the use of vaporettes, the application of U.V. among others.
Unauthorised companies do not have the necessary expertise to carry out this type of work, which can lead to a lack of efficiency in the treatment carried out and cause risks to the health of workers and users.

How do we act?

We apply effective measures that have been tested and validated by official national and international health organisations.
One way is to disinfect the coronavirus in a professional way by cold nebulisation of a wide range viricidal disinfectant that acts by direct contact on any surface. This is one of the most effective ways to eliminate VID-19.

The disinfectants we use are registered and authorised by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH, and are totally harmless to people as well as being safe for the environment when applied by our means.

APLIDÉS, as experts in pest control and disinfection and with experience in these fields for more than 20 years, recommends environmental disinfection of facilities where there is a flow of people or in case of suspected cases of coronavirus.

We carry out these disinfection services in public and private spaces, such as buildings, homes, public places, offices, lifts, furniture, changing rooms and vehicles, etc

The disinfection treatments that we carry out, are carried out following the guidelines according to the UNE 16636:2015 standard and protocols of the Ministry of Health against Covid 19. And we certify each of the treatments carried out according to the regulations for this purpose.

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