Cleaning and disinfection of water tanks

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Cold sanitary water tanks are used to guarantee the supply and pressure to the water networks of the buildings. They are also considered as risk and dispersing facilities for legionella.

In the tanks, mud, biofilm, calcareous incrustations and oxides formed during the corrosion process accumulate. These particles act as nutrients for the legionella and also serve and create a suitable place for its development.

All this makes it essential to carry out periodic cleaning and disinfection of the tanks.

How do we act?

At APLIDÉS we apply the essential measures in accordance with Royal Decree 140/2003 to ensure that the installation is maintained in a correct state of hygiene during its normal operation.

The cleaning and disinfection actions we carry out correspond to the treatment programmes specified in article 8.2. of Royal Decree 86572003.

We provide the corresponding cleaning and disinfection certificate for each treatment. In addition to being required by the inspectors and Public Health agents, it serves by itself as a record of these activities.

During the performance of these tasks we examine the condition of the vessel and its components, finding possible faults: leaks, breaks or detachments in the ceiling or walls of the vessel. Avoiding a malfunction and other problems.

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